quinta-feira, janeiro 21, 2010

Radiações musicalmente expostas

Com 25 músicas do Top Billboard, DJ Earworm conseguiu fez um mashup das mesmas.
Aqui fica um artigo: "This has been making the rounds, and for good reason — it’s a catchy, boppy new yet familiar song that sums up the last year not only in mashing up some of the biggest hits of 2009 but in doing so in auto-tune, which was one of the distinctive, hallmark sounds of the year. (It even got its own parody, “Blame It On The Auto-Tune.”)

DJ Earworm” has created “2009:United States of Pop (Blame It On The Pop)” from the 25 top Billboard hits featuring Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx, the Black Eyed Peas, T.I. and Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Jason Mraz, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and of course, Lady Gaga. Purists may find it a little musically claustrophobic (aw! Remember Beyoncé in “Halo?” Look, it’s Beyoncé in “Halo” again!). But who cares it’s good fun, sounds great, will get you dancing if you happen to be the sort that frequents such dance-spots (and blames it on the a-a-a-al etc.) and also looks pretty as music videos ought (pretty easy when you’re mashing up other pretty music videos). Plus, what is more “Aughts” than a user-generated new work of art mashed up from previously existing works of art? And really, what is this post if not pretty much, that? Baby, don’t worry. The year’s almost dead and gone, but I got a feeling that you belong with me. Just dance. Use somebody. Now put your hands up. Let’s live it up. Pray it won’t fade away."


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